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Founded in 2007 by a handful of visionary local families, the Magic Valley Commonwealth School has grown to become
an important part of the educational lives of many students and families in the valley. A parent-run cooperative
commonwealth school, we meet once weekly for classes, two semesters a year. In addition to our focus on leadership
education, students and families network together to share experiences and ideas, and they form strong bonds of
friendship. In addition to this introductory information, please see our Bylaws and our Policies and Procedures.
Our Philosophy

Magic Valley Commonwealth School is a privately-funded facilitator of parent-led Leadership Education Classes for home-schooled youth and their families. The guiding philosophy of the school is presented in A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. Building on training from the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, Magic
Valley Commonwealth School creates and adapts curriculum to meet needs and interest in our community. For more information on Leadership Education go to

Mission Statement

Magic Valley Commonwealth School (MVCS) assists parents in bringing like-minded youth
together to experience a leadership education as they prepare for a mission-driven future of
public and private service.

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