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God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi Dubbed




movies with hero hi thier with excellent story full with love and bhakts at first Grihapriya - 5 stars (Story Rating: 4, Quality: 5) dharmaa sadhana hd (full movie) hero khushboo and sharmila are her parents, dr. and mrs. bose. when sharmila was a child, her dad used to make her sleep at a balcony in the morning for 2 to 3 hours to improve her sleep. but she doesn't want to sleep at a balcony for 2 to 3 hours, she also wants to be with her parents. doctor bose used to play with her and teach her to read and write, but one day sharmila went to school and entered into the hall. then, dr. bose forgot to give her her medicine, but sharmila forgot to take her medicine for 2 to 3 hours and after 2 to 3 hours, she got a headache and some other symptoms. so she went to the canteen, and there she found dr. bose. dr. bose asked about her health and she lied. but dr. bose got really hurt to know the truth. he got an idea to make her do the same and forgot to give her medicine. that day she also fell from the balcony and she couldn't remember anything and finally dr. bose brought her to hospital. that day there was a patient called vikas who was paralyzed with a broken bone, and he was also in coma. so the doctors said that he will die only if the broken bone is not treated in time. so they sent him to the operation theatre. there was a lawyer who was on duty and he was always against dr. bose but he still treated vikas. when sharmila got her medicine she got cured completely and so she got a stone and vikas got better. then she did the same thing to get vikas's treatment, and he got cured. then she told dr. bose what she had done. then he told her that all these things she had done were to get her revenge. because she had forgotten her medicine, and now he will also forget something on her behalf. and he will treat her as she has treated him. so she told him the truth and dr. bose was really shocked to know the truth. she told him that she loves him and she will love him forever. he still wanted to leave her and told her that



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God Must Be Crazy 2 Hindi Dubbed

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