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The general theme of this class is Heroes: What makes a Hero?  What qualities does he or she have?  Which Hero qualities do I have?  How can I gain more?  And all of this with World War 2 as the backdrop.

Who were the Heroes of the World War 2 Generation?  The Generals?  Those swabbing the decks of the ships?  Those at home tending Victory Gardens?  Those who risked life to save life during the Holocaust or after the Atomic Bombs were dropped?

We will learn of the world leaders of that time, what started our involvement in the war, the different world arenas where the war was fought, how the war was truly a World war, how the war affected those at home, and how the war ended.  We will learn of many, many beautiful heroes from Asia, Europe, North America and more.  And above all, we will find out more about the Hero Qualities in each of us.

The Hero Project Mentor’s Manual States: “The purpose of this project is to help our students see: that every person has a unique mission, that each individual has the capacity to impact, and that the combination of all these individual missions add up to make history– our stories.”  Hero Project’s purpose is to “inspire our youth to become the heroes they are inside.”

Coming after Key of Liberty and Sword of Freedom, this class will move the students closer to a full Scholar level.  We expect the students to come to class ready to learn, ready to work, and ready to thrill in new experiences and understanding.  (Plus have a ton of fun:))

The students will be watching movies, studying documents, writing papers, giving presentations, acting out simulations, hosting guest speakers, reading books and leading book discussions, going on a field trip or two -we hope!, (plus enjoying get-togethers, treats, games, and activities!).

They will also be working on some amazing and incredible life-changing projects, using talents and interests they already have.

By the end of Hero Project, those who pay the price of learning will have grown tremendously in their ability to notice, feel, think, move forward, and communicate.

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