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Below is a listing of classes that have been taught in the past.  This is subject to change each term depending on availability of mentors and interests of students.


Key of Liberty: Two-semester study of American Revolutionary War history and The United States Constitution. Typically ages 12-13.


Sword of Freedom: Two-semester study of American History, Civil War period. (Prerequisite: Key of Liberty) Ages 14 & up.


Hero Project: Two-semester study of American History, with a focus on the Hero Generation of the World War II era. (Prerequisite: Sword of Freedom). (Click here for a more detailed class description)


Literature Exposure: Reading (including excerpts aloud in class), and discussing age-appropriate classic books, accompanied by engaging and thought provoking associated activities. Books chosen from the TJEd classics list for the age range.


Great Books: Focuses on literature study from the Western tradition and will entail extensive reading, writing, and guided discussion. Discussions will rely heavily on the preparedness of each individual student. The goal of the course is to engage with great ideas in the belief that exposure to greatness inspires greatness in each of us. (Ages 16 & up).


Intro to Great Books: Reading, writing, and guided discussion. Discussions will rely heavily on the preparedness of each individual student. The goal of the course is to engage younger students with great ideas in the belief that exposure to greatness inspires greatness in each of us. (Ages 12 & up).


Shakespeare Conquest: two-semester intensive study of Shakespeare and his plays; culminating in the full production of a Shakespeare play (depending on demand, typically limited to ages 14 & up).


Shakesperience: a fun introduction to Shakespeare and acting, ideal for younger ages; typically culminating in the production of several famous scenes from various Shakespeare plays.



Speech & Debate: Class focusing on skills of effective public speaking and debating (all ages, first semester and ages 14 & up second semester).

World Cultures, Religions & Geography: Explore world religions & cultures from a Latter-Day Saint perspective. Culminates in multiple field trips to visit worship services of many world religions. Ages 16 & up.


Quest 1 & 2: Students study the greatest statesmen of history. This class is an intensive research and writing course. Each student receives individual coaching with a writing mentor. The student also has opportunities to read great literature and learn self management skills. (Prerequisite Quest 1 for Quest 2)

Institute for Excellence in Writing: Learn to write with clear structure and compelling style! There will be homework every week. All reading and writing assignments will be based on early U.S. history. Students will learn how to: Outline and summarize, generate cohesive paragraphs, create stories, produce reports and critiques, develop essays, translate thoughts and ideas into writing, vary sentence structure, use interesting vocabulary, and add literary devices.

Ignite: Introduces students to many engaging ideas that spark their curiosity and light the fire of the scholar within. This class is exciting and active. Over the course of the year, we will complete the following units: We are all Wonders, Shakespeare Adventure, Geography Wiz, Young Entrepreneur, and Clue Finders. In these units, we focus on several concepts including fixed vs. growth mindset, students can do hard things, love of learning, and fostering kindness and friendships.



Pyramid Project: two-semester course that introduces students to a holistic approach to Math and Science.

Intro to Chemistry: This introductory class is geared toward students ages 12-15.  We will be learning basic Chemistry principles that are used in our everyday lives.

“Hard Science”: Two-semester lab based class focusing on the “hard sciences”—biology, with basic chemistry and some physics. Lab experiences include dissecting a fetal pig, pig heart and lungs, examining specimens under a compound microscope, including protozoa and gram stained bacteria.

Science: High school level study of biology, anatomy, and physiology.


Cooking: Things every cook should know. Making bread, cooking meat, and mixing meals from scratch.

Applique and Embroidery For Beginners: We will be using an embroidery hoop, and learning some basic stitches, our goal is once students feel confident they will create their own designs.

Wellness Junction: Making and using homeopathy kits, making healthy products with herbs and using them for first aid, foraging and preparing food from the land. Nutrition, physical activity charting, mental and emotional health, teeth and less-conventional ways keep them healthy, as well as how they are related to organs of the body. How to live healthily on the earth. Techniques for resilience and dealing with stress.

Art (2022/2023): Basic and Creative Arts first semester will be focused on basic art principles, techniques, vocabulary, and skills with a couple projects.  Second semester will be all about applying the techniques learned in the first semester.  Students will do a variety of projects using different mediums that allow for exploring their own individual creativity. There will be a required supply list provided by the mentor.

Business/Personal Finance: A class to promote the development of a set of skills and knowledge that allows students to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. To increase understanding of how money works in the world: specifically, principles related to how an individual earns it, manages it, invests it, and donates it to help others.


Georgics: In the most simple terms, the georgic ethic is to improve nature in order to create civilization.  Virgil, author of the classic poem “Georgics” argues that “freedom can only be maintained through living a Georgic lifestyle: which is a life of hard work, creation, ownership, entrepreneurialism and working the land.” The Mission of the Georgics Project is to teach these six principles using a large variety of hands-on, true to life experiences.

Ballroom Dance: Learn several types of ballroom dance, including Country Swing, Triple Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Cha Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot. Ages vary.

Exploring Hobbies: Don’t feel like you have many interests or hobbies? Wish you could find more activities you enjoyed and are good at? Then come join, we will learn about and get experience trying one new hobby every week. Some of which may include watercolor, calligraphy, dog training, budgeting, origami, archery (there will be an extra charge if this one is chosen), volunteer work, card games and more. You will have a chance to vote on what we learn about and may even get an opportunity to teach us about your favorite hobby. It’s going to be fun.

Sewing: This is a machine sewing class. We will be making a sewing machine bag/case to keep your machine dust free, and all of your bits and bobs together. This class has an extra $15 charge that will be paid to the mentor on the first day of class. The class will go to the fabric store to choose their own fabric to work with. A sewing machine is required and if possible the manual that goes with it.

Improv Performance: Have you ever seen the show "Who’s Line is it Anyway" and thought, "I’d love to learn how to perform improv?" Well, then this is the class for you. This class is being taught by a professional stand up comic and his wife who performs improv professionally. You will learn improv skills like anding, reacting to the last thing said, making others look good makes you look good, building confidence, just going for it, etc. Some leadership skills and team building skills such as listening, accepting, making agreements and the benefits of creative tension will also be taught.

Painting: This class is a rare opportunity to learn from a professional artist and art teacher. Wes has taught art for years and has even taught at CSI.  The cost of this class is $110 per student.  This fee covers the cost of materials and the tuition for the class.  In this class you get the opportunity to learn five types of painting.  You will start with the basics of sketching the item you are going to paint then painting on a canvas.

Warriors Academy: Have fun discovering the secrets of slaying dragons, how to ninja-influence anything you want to be yours, and seek and uncover optimism about the future despite the dangers that lie on the path before you.

Reveal the amazing warrior for good that you are. Unlock your hidden talents for influencing others, step into being the leader you were born to be.

In this quest, you will unearth a treasure trove of powerful armory (most of which you’ve probably never heard about before) to succeed in the battle and challenges ahead.

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