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A Moral Society

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Key of Liberty families,

It was fun to see personalities and energy in our simulation this week about having a moral society. 

McKay gave an excellent presentation about the French and Indian War and we had a discussion about the Puritans and the Salem Witch Trials.

We also learned about the importance of having a moral society and wrote papers about "Why is a moral people required for a good government?"

We've started working on memorizing the Declaration of Independence and the 13 colonies. Memorization may be passed off to parents or mentors. If your child passes off to you just text or email Lindsay.

Next week's presentation is King George III by Ben Browning.

Devotional for September 17

Prayer McKay

Pledge Lydia

Core book share Luke

Please come ready for our book discussion on The Landing of the Pilgrims.

See you all Tuesday!

Lindsay and Stephanie

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