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Welcome to Key of Liberty

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Key of Liberty families,

Our first week was a resounding success and we are so excited to work with your young people. We were impressed by the qualities that each person told us they were contributing to the group. Things like kindness, willingness to learn, respect, and fun were all mentioned. We are going to have a wonderful time!

We spent our first class together handing out binders and going over what to expect for the Key of Liberty project during the next year. We will be working on many requirements in class, but some will take some time and work outside of our meeting time. 

We had our first book discussion on Red Scarf Girl. This was a tough book for some to tackle, but all thought worth reading. Our discussion included topics of freedom vs communism, loyalty to family, fear, leadership, government power and more. We were so impressed with the thoughts that were shared. Our next book discussion on The Landing of the Pilgrims is scheduled for September 17. 

Each person will be giving at least one presentation this semester on a topic they sign up for. McKay Kelsey will be up next week, Sept 10 on the French and Indian War. Presentations can last any length up to 10 minutes and are for sharing what you have learned on the topic. Information can be presented in any way you choose. In the past some have used short videos, games, posters, power point, and reader's theater. The sky is the limit!

Presentations signed up for so far:

Sept 10 French and Indian War McKay Kelsey

Sept 17 King George III Ben Browning

Sept 24 The Boston Tea Party and the Sons of Liberty Joseph Green

Oct 8 Lexington and Concord Lucas Godfrey

Oct 15 Life as a Soldier in the Continental Army Bryant Anderson

Oct 15 Hospital and Doctors in the War Madi Stanger

Oct 22 Life as a Prisoner and Prisons Lydia Clark

Nov 12 Minutemen and the Militia Kameron Whitehead

Nov 19 Famous Women of the War Brooke Saunders

We also spent time writing our first papers on the prompt of "What is your responsibility to America and freedom?" We are hoping to work on papers during class time this semester if time allows.

We will be having a short devotional to begin each class and next week's sign ups are:

Prayer: Luke

Pledge: Ben

Core book share: Lindsay

Thank you for sharing your awesome young people with us! We're looking forward to next week.

Lindsay Clark and Stephanie Green

PS - We hope to see you all the Commonwealth Opening Social tonight at 7:00 at Dierkes Lake Park.

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